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Danielle Williams

*Disclaimer: I am NOT publishing any political views or opinions about any party. Any stereotypes mentioned were literally Googled before I typed it. I’m simply stating my thoughts on politics as a whole. So please don’t kill me.

I would never describe myself as being “well versed” in politics. I’ve never watched a GOP debate in full; I can’t read through a political piece without being distracted halfway through. Although I consider myself to be an intelligent individual, I simply can’t understand political language. From foreign policies to economic issues to healthcare, my mind gets lost in all the chatter. When I turned 18 and was finally legal to vote, I’m ashamed to say I had no idea what I was doing. Like many 18-year-olds, I looked to my parents to guide me through the election. Obama, Romney. What did I know?

To this day, 4 years later, I still don’t know enough about politics. I try my darndest to learn as much as I can and to follow current events as closely as possible. I want to know what’s going on during the debates. I want to cast an educated vote. College is over, and as much as I hate to admit it, I’m in the real world now. These policies and issues affect me now more than ever before. I, along with every other recent college graduate, need to know where I stand in the upcoming election.

Today I came across a website that tells you which candidate you align with the most. On this site, you can take a comprehensive quiz to match you with a candidate. I know many might think, This website was made by one of the parties to influence America’s votes. However, I urged my family and friends to take this quiz and the results varied quite a bit.

The importance of a survey like this is to eliminate any biases toward one candidate or the other. I’ve listened to parts of debates and agree with a little bit of everything. I also disagree with a little bit of everything. Politics is not black and white, but so many Americans see it that way. Just because you identify as a Republican does not mean you need to hate and disagree with every Democratic candidate, and vice versa. I watch online political arguments for hours. Strangers push their views on one another and refuse to see the other’s point. Strangers label Democrats as fat, lazy and unemployed and label Republicans as rich, snobby Bible huggers. Yes, the great thing about America is that we are allowed to voice our opinions without consequences. However, the serious divide between Democrats and Republicans is frightening.

The right to vote is a beautiful thing. I hope that one day Americans will learn to voice their opinions without forcing their views on other people. I urge you to take the quiz I linked to earlier. You might find you have more in common with a particular candidate than you thought.

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