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Danielle Williams

I’m a recent college graduate who learned little to nothing about where she wants to go in life. Growing up, everyone tells you not to worry; “you’ll figure it all out in college.” But is that actually true? I know too many adults (the real kind, not the 20-somethings) who still aren’t following their dreams. Adults who have worked outside of their passion for years. Adults who still don’t even know their passion.

I’m not an expert. I do not have all the answers. I don’t even know who will actually read this little blog. I’m not promising to show you the way, and I do not recommend trying what I do at home. I don’t do crazy, dangerous stunts, I just don’t want to give bad advice and ruin your life. However, I welcome you with open arms to read about (my) life after college.

I might have a Bachelor’s degree, but that doesn’t mean I know which direction to run.

2 comments on “Welcome!

  1. rodrkayl says:

    so cute! loving this!


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